The primary function of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri (ICUM) is to represent its members before the Missouri General Assembly and its Executive branch of government as well as the Congress and the Federal Executive offices. 

In so doing, professional lobbying will represent the best interests of the member’s colleges and universities by fulfilling these functions:

  • Promoting and/or supporting legislation that defends or enhances the role of independent higher education.
  • Monitoring and rallying support against any proposed legislation, regulation, or rule which is detrimental to the role and causes of independent higher education.
  • Working with similar organizations as appropriate, to further independent higher education’s interests on national or regional issues.
  • Working with public higher education when projects or legislation give evidence of benefiting independent and public colleges and universities.

The mission of ICUM will be best fulfilled if all eligible institutions are members.  To that end, a professional lobbyist, guided by and responsible to the membership must provide such leadership and work within a guarded budget, so as to make member benefits obvious and membership fees reasonable.



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Independent colleges and universities are an important contributor to Missouri’s economic vitality.  Independent institutions enroll 36% of the state’s college and university students.  Independent institutions award almost half of all degrees granted in Missouri (47%) -- an essential contribution to the preparation of Missouri's workforce and the state's economic development. Independent institutions in Missouri play a particularly significant role in educating student in some of the state’s most-sought-after degree fields including education (53%) and health care (52%). 

Independent institutions are a terrific value for Missouri and for our students.  Independent institutions provide students with a quality post-secondary education without the taxpayer subsidy enjoyed by Missouri’s public institutions.  Independent institutions enroll a higher proportion of financially needy students, minority students and first generation students than do four-year public institutions.  On average, independent colleges offer tuition at 60% of the actual cost and raise endowment dollars to provide scholarships for students in need.